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why sthl technology

Why STHL Technology?

If you are frustrated with your current PCB assembly suppliers because of poor quality or slow delivery?

If you want to stop explain PCBA project details again and again to new sales representatives with frequently personnel changes?

Do you know that you may be showed a fake factory after you spent thousands of dollars and a long flight business trip? (Trading companies show you a nice factory during your visit, but produce your projects at a poor quality and bad management factory.)

You need a stable electronics assembly manufacturer. STHL Technology will never make you down!

Top 10 reasons why choose STHL Technology.

As a 17 years experience electronics contract assembly manufacturer, we obtained a highly appreciate and good reputation both from domestic and international customers.

  • Factory with MES

    With a MES (manufacturing execution system), STHL Technology optimizes the manufacturing process by monitoring, tracking, documenting and controlling the entire production lifecycle. MES improves STHL PCBA quality control and increases uptime while also reducing inventory and costs.

  • Rich Experience

    Management team are 10+ years experience in electronics assembly industry.

  • Stable Sales Representatives

    STHL PCBA sales representatives are very stable and most of them work for STHL Technology since the company establish. They can support your requirements and projects proceed smoothly.

  • Effective Communication

    Our engineers can contact with customers directly in English if necessary, the faster and more effective communication is helpful cost saving and lead time.

  • Material Quality Control

    We buy components from famous international platform like Mouser, Digikey, Farnell, Future, Avnet, Arrow and branded materials agents.

  • Customer Approval First

    No components substitutes without customers approval. We know alternatives can save cost, but we don’t want to make one time business. STHL PCBA always looking for long-term business.

  • NDA Agreement

    We ensure all of your projects documents security. We can sign NDA agreement before RFQ.

  • Storage Control

    Materials store under temperature and moisture control. Clear and strict labeling, baking, recording process.

  • Safe Transportation

    Better packing and delivery protection. We know every delivery need go through several transportation to your door, so we pack all merchandise with clean markings and good conditions to make sure smoothly arrival.

  • No Minimum Order Requests

    No minimum order requests, we accept both prototype order and large quantity order.

Mainly Materials Source of STHL Technology

PCB boards, solder paste, lead-free solder wire and components are from regular manufacturers and distributors.


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