What information needed for PCBA quotation?

Whenever you have new PCBA projects need to estimate cost, or old projects just for price comparing, please send us your files, we will email you a quote within 24 hours. Basic files for price estimate just need a BOM list with clear components details.

Files needed for PCB Assembly quotation and PCBA production.

  1. Bill of materials or BOM  (better in Excel format) 2.     PCB Gerber files
  2.    Pick and place file or XYRS data file

1) The BOM list needs to show information of Value, Quantity, Description, Footprint, Designator


2)  PCB Gerber files (if no files yet, can offer details of layers, size, thickness, copper weight and surface finish)


3)  Pick and place file (This file allows us to finish a quick and perfect placement of SMT process.)