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Through Hole PCB Assembly

Through hole assembly with simple components is largely used on products such as power supplies, computer mother boards, security alarms, cleaning equipment and LED lighting products. At STHL Technology, skilled workers perform fast and quality THT assembly process for our customers. Our Lead Free wave soldering offers customers ROHS standard projects. With 2 THT assembly lines and 2 post soldering lines, STHL Technology can offer both low volume and high volume through hole assembly service.

Through-hole Assembly Capabilities at STHL

At STHL Assembly, we offer the following through-hole assembly services:

– Manual Insertion of Components
– Hand Soldering
– Automatic re-shape components
– THT assembly fixture for perfect quality and efficiency
– ESD tht assembly process
– RoHS Soldering using tin-lead solder
– Inspection and functional testing
– Conformal Coating
– Assembly for various shapes heats sinks, DC fan, Screw, wire, display…
– Device Programming
– Automatic & semi-automatic PCBA separator
– Wave soldering temp: Max. 300℃

Professional Through-hole Assembly and PCBA Manual Soldering

ESD Process, RoHs Compliant, Fast Delivery, STHL Technology Will be Your Best Quality PCBA Supplier.

Advantages of Through-hole PCB Assemblies

Through-hole assembly PCBA board has certain benefits mainly as follows:

1 Easier prototyping: through-hole has become an industry-standard because of its reliability. More to being reliable, through-hole components can easily be exchanged.
2 Strong connections: through-hole components can withstand mechanical or environmental stress as they run through the board rather than being secured to the circuit board surface.
3 Superior power handling capability: through-hole soldering forms a superior bond between the circuit board and components. This makes the board perfect for larger components that will undergo high voltage and high current.
4 Greater heat tolerance: owing to the high heat tolerance capability, through-hole PCB assembly is preferred for many products in power supply and military sectors.

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