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Material Control at STHL

STHL offers one-stop electronics contract assembly services both partially turnkey and full turnkey orders. We always carry out strict quality and process control includes material inspection, storage conditions and production process. Due to components and materials of different characteristics, there must be strict control of temperature and moisture conditions. We control the solder paste and all other materials with the first-in-first-out principle.

SMD Components Storage

Xray Automatic Dispenser

solder paste red glue under control

Solder Paste & Red Glue under Control

Baking Machine for PCB & Chips

Materials under Temp. & Moisture Control

Materials with Tracking under MES system

laser stencil storage with markings

Laser Stencil Storage with Markings

esd process protection moving shelf

ESD Process Protection Moving Shelf

accessories packing material warehouse

Accessories & Packing Material Warehouse

More Details about STHL Storage

Why must Integrated Circuits and PCB boards be baked before being SMT assembly? Baking integrated circuits and PCBs is to remove the moisture which can cause voiding and de-lamination during cure. From surface mount components, it is also possible to get “popcorning” of components that are attached with surface mount adhesive. Baking boards at temperatures above 100C will guarantee that all the moisture will be eventually removed. At STHL Technology, we have baking and thermostat machines to work this process for necessary materials.

materials offered

STHL accepts materials offered by customers and stock for free with agreement time.


Over 800 SQM warehouse for different materials, such as stencil, test fixture, SMD & THT materials, packing and accessories.

STHL can stock finished products and arrange dropship as per requests.


There are labels in each solder mask bottle which marks the usage record time which accurate to minutes.

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