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Learning & Training at STHL

With the fast development of modern technology, electronic assembly manufacturing is more and more developed and there are millions of electronic products from industry use to consumer use. Due to much more complicated and diversified functions being needed, the inner structure and manufacturing procedure of a product get very subtle and complex. To ensure the finished product’s stability of quality and production efficiency, learning and training become very important.

smt assembly moirning meeting

SMT Assembly Morning Meeting

pcb assembly quality training

PCB Assembly Quality Training

PCBA Assembly Production Training

pcba smt assembly instructions

PCBA SMT Assembly Instructions

STHL PCBA Quality Learning

PCBA Quality Standard Instructions

pcba smt assembly traning

PCBA SMT Prototype Inspection

pcba tht assembly instructions

PCBA THT Assembly Instructions

Customer Guidance in-site

More Details About STHL Training

PCB Assembly at STHL has detailed instructions for both SMT and DIP assembly process, as well as testing instructions.

pcba quality control

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