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Inspection & Testing at STHL

As an ISO9001 certificated electronics assembly manufacturer, STHL Technology adheres to a thorough quality and process control. The tests and inspections include physical and visual inspections, open & short tests, AOI inspections, X-ray inspection, and In-Circuit tests. We also make ageing testing both for mother board and finished product. These PCBA inspection process ensure customers final product meets their design specifications, and also control the whole production lot to high non-defective ratio which reduce the entire lead time.

aoi inspection 100%

AOI Inspection 100%

AOI Inspection down to 0201 Package

X-Ray Inspection

PCBA SMT Prototype Inspection

IQC Instructions

X-Ray Inspection for BGA

8 12 hours ageing test

8-12 Hours Ageing Test

test fixture designeda sper project

Test Fixture Designed as Per Project

12 24 hours ageing test

12-24 Hours Ageing Test

Know More about Testing & Inspection

Customers send us firmware for programming to chip before smt assembly, or firmware burning to mother board after the pcba assembly. STHL Technology has common tools and programmer can meet customers requests. We can make test fixture as per schematic diagrams if necessary, or customers can offer us testing fixture for testing. Only basic labor costing charged at STHL for all testing demands.


AOI inspection and X-Ray inspection are the basic tests for our PCB boards.

Test Fixtures can be offered by customers. Or we design it for you as per product function or schematic diagram.

Aging testing for complete motherboard or finished assembly. These normally used on box build assembly at STHL.

aging test

The aging test is to imitate the normal application scene of a product under the setting conditions. Both the components and the finished products require the aging test.

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