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    A full turnkey electronic assembly manufacturer for prototype to high volume cable Assembly.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable assembly is applied in a huge variety of industrial applications, which is as critical to your product as any other electronic component. As a reliable electronics contract assembly factory, STHL Technology offers a set of industry-leading solutions for wire and cable assemblies. We source high-quality cables as per the exacting requirements of customers and provide them with highly efficient cable assemblies that help to leverage the overall operation of electrical and electronic products.

With the precision manufacturing of cable assembly components including handles, retention systems, connectors, and shielding in a wide range of materials and finishes, we have performed many successful cable assembly for many customers from various industrial applications.

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STHL Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Services

Whether it is a simple wiring harness assembly, or customized wire harnesses and cable assemblies, STHL PCBA can provide precise solutions at competitive prices and fast lead time. Each solution is customized to meet industry and regulatory stands. All our prospective customers can take advantage of the following cable and wire harness assembly services provided by us:

– Prototype development
– Connector tooling
– Wire leads and sets
– Assembly packaging
– Printing on heat shrink
– Automated wire processing
– Sonic welding
– Installation
– Testing
– Braiding

Looking for quality, fast, flexible cable assembly service for your next project?

Type of Wires We Can Offer:

Copper wire: solid or stranded
Fiber Optic wire: single-mode (9/125), multimode (62.5/125, 50/125), Duplex or Simplex, Aqua Fiber cables
Coaxial wire: RG6, RG58, RG59, RG136, RG179, etc
Multiconductor wire: UL2464, UL2725, UL20276, etc.
Single hook-up wire: UL1007, UL1015, UL1332, etc.
Flat Cable: Gray ribbon cable, rainbow IDE cable, twisted pair SCSI U320 cable, etc.
Wire Jacket: PVC, PE, PU, TPE/TPO, Teflon, Plenum
Wire Shape: Straight wire, twisted-pair wire
Conductor Material: Copper, copper alloy, aluminum alloy
Wire Plating: Tin over copper, Silver over copper
Cable & Wire Size: 30 AWG to 12 AWG of conductor
Wire Standard: UL/CSA approval or Non-UL
Brand wire: We support any brand wire for assembly, please provide us wire details such as manufacturer name and part number.

Cable & Wire Assembly Applications

Audio/Video Fixture Wire Sound/Security/Fire Alarm
Battery Cable GPS / Data Acquisition Motor & Drive Cable
Coaxial Cable High Temperature & High Voltage Multi-Conductor Cable
Control Cable Hook-up & Lead Harnesses Power Cables & Portable Cords
Data & Communications Cable Industrial Automation Cable Ribbon Cable
DC Power Jacks & Plugs Cables Lighting RJ45 Telephone Cable
Fiber Optic Cable Medical Sensor Cables

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