Please check the FAQ category below to view answers for PCB assembly and electronics contract assembly questions:

Q1. Are you a real factory or trading company?

A1. We are real factory with 6 SMT line, 2 DIP lines, and 1 box build line.


Q2. Where are you located?

A2: We are locate in Shenzhen China (15 minutes close to the airport by car), close to Hongkong.


Q3. What is your ownership structure? Is there any government background?

A3. We are limited liability company. We haven’t any government background.


Q4. What’s your PCB Assembling standards?

A4. Assembling according to standard IPC-A-610 Class 2. Class 3


Q5. Do you accept NDA to secure customers documents ?

A5. Yes, we sign NDA agreement with our customers.


Q6. Can you do Partial turn-key PCB assembly service?

A6. Yes we can do both partial turn-key and full turn-key PCB assembly service.


Q7. Do you provide ROHS standard?

A7. Yes, we do Lead-free PCB assembly.


Q8. Do you have quantity limit?

A8. No, we have no MOQ limit, you can order any qty as per your order plan.


Q9. What’s shipment method you can offer?

A9. Shipment by express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT), by air or by sea as per customers requests.


Q10. What’s kind of payment method you accept?

A10. We accept TT, PayPal, Western Union and Alipay .

How to keep PCBA board safe conditions during production?

If you find your PCBA board with corners broken, which cause the mother board high risk laminated. Such problem normally caused by careless operation during production, production workers may drop the board to floor by mistake.


STHL PCBA workers operates carefully and uses professional device to avoid such damage in the past years. All of our PCB boards move from one process to next process with the PCB SMT storage carts. We use PCB storage cart with many advantage.

1) Provides safety and convenience

2) Durable mobile unit

3) Adjustable panels with horizontal slides features 15mm spacing for high-density loading

4) Ideal for transporting work process and storing large quantities of PCB

5) Stainless steel panel allow for airflow and conductivity, and have slides that accept different thickness PCB boards.


What information needed for PCBA quotation?

Whenever you have new PCBA projects need to estimate cost, or old projects just for price comparing, please send us your files, we will email you a quote within 24 hours. Basic files for price estimate just need a BOM list with clear components details.

Files needed for PCB Assembly quotation and PCBA production.

  1. Bill of materials or BOM  (better in Excel format) 2.     PCB Gerber files
  2.    Pick and place file or XYRS data file

1) The BOM list needs to show information of Value, Quantity, Description, Footprint, Designator


2)  PCB Gerber files (if no files yet, can offer details of layers, size, thickness, copper weight and surface finish)


3)  Pick and place file (This file allows us to finish a quick and perfect placement of SMT process.)


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