Quality specifications
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                                                                                    Quality and delivery

一.Quality and P
olicy :
Continually improve our qualityefficiencyservice to satisfy thecustomer's requirement. 
Quality Specifications:
二.1. Quality System: ISO-9001:2000 Quality System Standard
2. Quality Standard: IPC-610-D class 2,
3. Soldering Standard: J-STD-001 class 1,2,3
4. ESD Standard: ESD-MIL-STD-1686
5. Workshop management:5S
6. FAI-first article inspection 
7. In process visual inspection
8. AOI inspection
9. Machine calibration and preventative maintenance
10. ERP material and process management ( ERP=enterprise resource planning computer system)

三.Quality standards

RoHS management

Product compliant: RoHS
RoHS prohibited substances list :
    NO.     Name                       The upper limit(ppm=mg/kg)
      1        Pb                                0.1%(1000ppm)
      2        Hg                                0.1%(1000ppm)
      3        Cd                                0.001%(100ppm)
      4        Cr VI+                           0.1%(1000ppm)
      5        PBB                              0.1%(1000ppm)
      6        PBDE                            0.1%(1000ppm)

五.ESD protection

Related testers for ESD protection:

            Surface Resistance Meter                  Anti-Static Wrist Strap                    Detector Digital Static Tester


                Measurement scop:                Can conveniently check workers        Measurement scop:0 - ±1.49kv ±

                    103-1012Ω                       anti-static wrist strap anywhere &                    1.0kv - ±20.0kv


                  precision:±5%                    anytime, to eliminate quality issue                   precision:±10%

                                                                     caused by bad wrist strap
六.ISO 9001 Specifications